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Remote Training Support for your Canine Companion and Puppy

We offer Remote Training at the Wolf and Whippet with consults and training conducted via the Zoom platform. Many behaviours and new cues, such as 'Stay', 'Wait' and recall games can be looked at and taught remotely from your home environment. Helping you also learn about dog body language and signals, care and husbandry, toilet training and careful socialising.

From tailored Remote Puppy Sessions to 121 training consultations for clients needing support for their canine companions we can help.

Often we consult via videos with ongoing clients to keep updated and for clients to submit videos, noting progress and to add to training plans. So we find that this way to teach, demo and work with clients works well. Particularly with cases whereby a strangers presence may cause further stress.

How does this work?

After you have emailed us an enquiry via email or website, we will send across a questionnaire to help us plan a training session with you and your canine companion. We then arrange a time to call you to talk through how we can help and offer ongoing support. After forms are emailed back a time can be booked for our first Zoom Meeting. Prior to the meeting, we will send you a list of equipment you may need for training. 

We also use our dogs to demo live for clients, demonstrating cues, behaviours and training protocols which we have found helps our clients. With live feedback on a Zoom meeting, we can help guide you through behaviours such as Settling on a Mat which is useful for car journeys, when you eat out and in the home, Jumping Up, Husbandry and cooperative care, Scentwork and Enrichment and much more. We also offer a Remote 1-2-1 Puppy Package that focuses on everyday life skills, enrichment and cooperative care the same as our In-Person course with all the same support, worksheets and puppy pack.

Here is Yuna preparing to demo for some life skills. In this client session we looked at 'Settling' on a mat or blanket and some key cues like 'Leave' and a nose target. Plus charging up the clicker and using a marker word.


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