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Force Free Training

Here at the Wolf and Whippet we use only force free positive reinforcement, rewards based training methods, that also uses science as its base. You'll often hear trainers refer to positive reinforcement which Lisa Tenzin-Dolma summarises perfectly in her book 'Dog Training, The Essential Guide'; "This is the act of rewarding desirable or requested behaviour as soon as it occurs. This sets up a pleasant association between action and reward, and helps the dog to learn more effectively."

We are full training member of the Pet Professional Guild whose ethos is built around these principals and that of No Pain, No Force, No Fear. This means using no punishment or aversive training techniques for example, shock, spray or e collars, choke chains and no bark pet corrector.

There have been studies in how using punishment can not only be detrimental to a dogs well being and health but also damaging trust and bond with their dog guardian.

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