Suzy is also an independent artist and author who works from home. Through photography she developed a passion for wolves and conservation, inspiring her to share her home with Okami, an Alaskan Malamute. Okami now lives with a 4-year-old female rescue Siberian Husky called Yuna, whom Suzy adopted from a sled-dog rescue as a puppy. Suzy decided Yuna should stay with her as her forever home, due to her anxiety and working lines, which she has harnessed into sled-training and agility for fun. Their older brother, a 14-year-old Pomeranian called Iggy aka Mr Teddy Pompoms passed away in January 2017, but will always be remembered as the inspiration for their Golden Oldie visits. Throughout her life, Suzy has lived with dogs, from a Cocker Spaniel to a Giant Schnauzer. This experience of handling various breeds being very useful at the W&W. Meeting Fran and Poppy has meant the creation of Wolf and Whippet and the opportunity to further study Canine Behaviour. Focusing on Northern and Primitive breeds, offering advice to rescues and other professionals.


Name: Okami aka Snowshoes Lord of the Snow aka Mr Floofy

Breed: Alaskan Malamute 

Age: 3 Years Old 

Likes: cheese (From Lorraine's Cheese Shack) and cuddles 

Dislikes: testicles 

Frankie is a Qualified Nurse and adores all animals. She has had lots of past experience with animals, from work experience at vets, being a volunteer zookeeper, dog walking for the disabled and having her very own micro zoo at home growing up. Frankie is experienced with reptiles and exotics after owning snakes and lizards and currently sharing her home with two rescue cats. However, since getting her dog Poppy she has came to realise, that she wanted to be more involved with the animal world and snapped up the chance to create the Wolf and Whippet with Suzy. Fran has added a rescue Lurcher to her pack called Reuben, who she has worked building trust with after trauma that occurred in early life. Fran and her family continue together, supporting him and encouraging fun, enrichment and life with his best friends. Scentwork and enrichment Fran is very passionate about.


Name: Poppy aka Confident Image of Ace aka Popster

Breed: Whippet

Age: 3 Years Old 

Likes: sausage and snoozing on the sofa

Dislikes: yappers

Jo is a linked professional since 2019. Jo works closely with Suzy, training at Jo's enclosed field in Westerleigh and in the Sodbury/Yate area. She has completed courses with the IMDT and a Level 1 Hoopers Instructor with CHUK. Jo shares her home with her husband Sam and beautiful rescue Sighthound Delilah. Jo works as a fosterer and volunteers for Sighthound rescues, which is how Suzy and Jo met. Jo's background and degree in teaching, is useful while teaching new behaviours to training clients and adapting for different learning styles and needs. Delilah's journey with Jo and Sam began when they adopted her from Bristol DAWG rescue. She has taught both of her guardians so much and was the inspiration for Jo to set up DogfieldUK. A beautiful enclosed 7-acre meadow, full of natural sensory exploration and a smaller paddock that Jo and Suzy use for training. The enclosed field provides a safe place to run free for sensitive dogs and for people to practice training skills, knowing the field space is entirely fenced. Please visit Jo at DogfieldUK and find out more.


Elisha joined Wolf and Whippet in 2017 and we are very happy to have her supporting us. Elisha now owns and runs her own Pet Care Company offering Dog Walking and Pet Sitting. Please visit her at 'Grab the 'Lish': https://www.grabthelish.co.uk Elisha brings not only experience but also a passion for rescue dogs that is at the heart of our ethos and training. Elisha has gained a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management and plans to further her studies. Living in the countryside has given Elisha an amazing understanding of working and large breeds which is invaluable to us at the Wolf and Whippet. Miya, her rescued female Alaskan Malamute sadly passed away, but enjoyed an incredible life with Elisha and her dog Archie. Archie is a beautiful Sled Dog cross who is her very loyal companion and who have competed together and trained in agility for over 4 years. It has been incredible watching the partnership the pair have! Archie is now joined by little Nero, his gorgeous cocker spaniel brother.