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Terms & Conditions

Group Classes and Workshops, Puppy/Adolescent Puppy Training Classes, 1-2-1 Training Support and 1-2-1 Puppy Course : Terms & Information


Training sessions and classes consider learning theory, current scientific theory using desensitisation and counter conditioning and reward-based methods. Training behaviours and cues will be discussed during each training session/class. Each week we will focus on 3-4 behaviours in class or 1-2-1, that are also broken down into steps in the puppy book or booklet provided to continue training at home, slowly building into new environments.

We are reward-based, meaning we use rewards to reinforce wanted behaviour so that it is repeated and learnt. We do not use force or aversive based methods or tools. In our classes we welcome puppies and dogs wearing well fit harnesses, or collars if the puppy/dog does not pull or have tension on lead that could result in throat, neck and trachea injuries. Tools that work by adding something unpleasant to suppress behaviour include slip leads for training, e-collars (electric), prong collars, head harnesses and non-pull harnesses.


Working and supporting owners with some behaviour changes with puppies and dogs, we may need to check that a dog is free from pain, illness and discomfort before looking at further support. A veterinary professional’s expertise is important and required to work safely with the dog’s health welfare the centre of training support. This may require us to refer the owner to their veterinary professional, if the owner has concerns.


Training classes and support worksheets may produce desired results quickly, although it is generally the case that time, commitment and consistency is required. This is because new behaviours take time to teach, for dogs to learn and slowly build duration, distance and distraction, proofing behaviour and making cues reliable. Implementing the training plan remains the owner’s responsibility at all times. This is alongside responsibility for the pet’s welfare and behaviour. Your trainer's job is teach you how to train your puppy, a 1 hours puppy class or session per week will not train your puppy these life skills. Your successes as a partnership with your dog is all reliant on your practice at home and proofing in different environments. We will however, give you techniques, the how, why, and skill to have fun while training.


All lesson plans, methods and worksheets supplied by Wolf and Whippet, are copyright of the Wolf and Whippet and not to be shared, copied or used without permission. 

Payment terms are as follows. 1-2-1 puppy 5-week course fee of £150.00 for 5 times 1 hour sessions in your home or in suitable environment, for example a training walk, in a risk assessed area. Payment for services carried out by Wolf and Whippet to be paid in full within 7 working days of receipt of invoice given at your first session, to secure your full service.


£130.00 per Puppy/Adolescent Puppy; 6 x sessions at Grammar Rooms, Chipping Sodbury (approx. 1 hour per week) or Zoom sessions may be provided when in-person sessions require cancelling due to heavy rain/winds/hot weather/issue with venue. Payment is due by secure bank transfer/PayPal/credit or debit card via booking system on our website. To reserve and secure your place on the puppy or adolescent course. Also included with permission is a set up group WhatsApp chat for continual support and sharing information.

Group Training and Workshops will be priced on our Bookings Page individually. Full courses will be 4-6 consecutive weeks per class. Workshop sessions will differ per service and will be stipulated on the booking information page, along with dates. Payment is due by secure bank transfer/PayPal/credit or debit card via booking system on our website.


We invoice you prior to our full consultation or first full session, following our initial Zoom session after we have discussed your needs and requirements. Payment is due within 10 days of receipt of invoice.

Full Training Consultations last 2 hours+ where we look at training as a whole support package. These include a full training plan that is emailed to you. A single consultation + training plan and support has a fee of £125.00. A full consultation and 1 x follow up session is £150.00. Dog training follow-up session are from £40.00 per hour. Our Consultation Full Support Package offer the consultation, training plan plus 3 x follow-up sessions charged at £250.00. Continued support means we can monitor progress and adjust training plans as we work together.

For a 1.5 hour 1-2-1 practical dog training session for specific training behaviours such as loose lead, recall, settling on a mat and other training requirements we charge £50.00 per session. This includes worksheets and a training schedule.

We also offer Remote Based Training Support. Our Remote Puppy Course is over 5 weeks via Zoom, we send you all information to continue training along with videos for £125.00. Remote training sessions focusing on 1-2 new behaviours such as loose lead or recall are charged at £40.00 for 1 hour. Our Full Remote Training Consultation which consists of an initial consult and follow up session plus a full training plan and ongoing support is £150.00.

Pre Puppy/Rescue dog sessions are for preparation and planning for when your new dog arrives, helping owners settle in their new companion with support put in place prior. These sessions remote/in-person are £45.00.

Cancellations and Refunds


Refunds are issued with understandable and reasonable changes in circumstance, for example your or your puppies health changes that prevent you attending. No refunds will be issued 7 days or less to the start of the course. This gives us time to try to fill your space within the class or workshop, as we book and pay for our venue, puppy books and bag in advance.

Secure Payments

We use Wix Payments for our bookings system. The security of our users' financial transactions is extremely important to Wix Payments and they are 100% committed to protecting you, as well as our customers. For this reason, Wix Payments complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). The PCI DSS is the highest information security standard for organizations or companies that accept credit card payments. This standard provides protection of the privacy and confidentiality of the card's data used to complete the online transaction. PCI Compliance helps to create a secure environment by improving the quality of the cardholder data in order to reduce the rate of credit card fraud cases. In addition, it ensures that the data for each payment is stored securely in a tamper-proof manner.  

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