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As we have moved forward into 2019, so has science and scientific study. This means for dog professionals keeping up to date, reading studies and new books. Reward based training has had a new literature consisting of various papers supporting rewards based training. Within the review Dr Gal Ziv writes;

“Despite the methodological concerns, it appears that aversive training methods have undesirable unintended outcomes and that using them puts dogs’ welfare at risk. In addition, there is no evidence to suggest that aversive training methods are more effective than reward-based training methods. At least 3 studies in this review suggest that the opposite might be true in both pets and working dogs. Because this appears to be the case, it is recommended that the dog training community embrace reward-based training and avoid, as much as possible, training methods that include aversion.”

Continuing studying, attending seminars and further reading are all key to offering the best and most current advice for each and every client. For further information about our further education and work please visit our CPD page on our website.

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