We offer Remote Training at the Wolf and Whippet online with consults and training conducted via the Zoom platform. From tailored Remote Puppy Sessions to 1-2-1 training consultations for clients needing ongoing support for their canine companions. We often consult via remote online training with ongoing clients to keep updated, for clients to submit videos to note progress and to add to training plans. We find this way of teaching and demoing with our dogs works well with our clients. Particularly with cases whereby a visitor or stranger's presence may cause further stress.

How does this work?

After you have emailed us an enquiry via email or website, we will arrange a time to call you to have a chat about how we can support you further. We will then send across a questionnaire to help us plan a remote training session with you and your canine companion. After your forms are emailed back and we have created a tailored session plan, a day/time can be booked for our first Zoom Meeting. Prior to the meeting, we will send you a list of equipment you may need for training. After our full remote session will then write and email you a full training plan that contains protocol steps, training foundations, training schedule and more.


Remotely, we will still be working alongside you and your dog, helping you with teaching new behaviours using science-based methods. We only use positive, reward-based training methods, no punishment and firmly stand with the Pet Professionals Guild's ethos of No Pain, No Force, No Fear. The methods we use are force-free, looking at current scientific research, using positive reinforcement, classical and operant conditioning. We also like to set up a WhatsApp chat for all our clients, with permission for ongoing support and video sharing.

We can also use our dogs to demo live for clients, demonstrating cues, behaviours and training protocols that we have found helps our clients. With live feedback on a Zoom meeting, we can help guide you through behaviours such as Settling on a Mat which is useful for car journeys, when you eat out and in the home, Jumping Up, Husbandry and cooperative care, Scentwork and Enrichment and much more. We also offer a Remote 1-2-1 Puppy Package that focuses on everyday life skills, enrichment and cooperative care the same as our In-Person course with all the same support, worksheets and puppy pack.


For Behaviour Based Training, looking at sensitivity, or perhaps separation-related behaviours will require a longer consultation where an individual training plan is included as well as full support. More in-depth assessments are required for behaviours related to stress, anxiety and fear which may require a veterinary check or referral to a recommended accredited APBC/CCAB clinical behaviourist that we work closely with. 



We offer a Remote 1-2-1 Four Week Puppy Package to help you and your puppy with learning body language and signals, care and husbandry, toilet training and careful socialising. Alongside basic training such as wait, stay, down cues and full online support from Suzy and Fran while your new family member settles in.

Our 4 weeks will follow our normal Puppy 1-2-1 as we work through key behaviours, we will demo using our dogs during meetings live which will be fun for all. We will send you a puppy pack to print with a break down of each week and what you need for each session. Prior to each Zoom session, we send you the worksheets that are needed for that session so you can through and print for your puppy folder. 


Week 1- Calming and Settling: It is important to promote rest, calm behaviour and settling on a mat which can then be used in many environments. We use Scentwork with training as well. Plus we look at an exchange game for a 'Drop' cue, begin training a 'Stay' cue and a 'Food Manners' game. In Week 1 we begin looking at loose lead foundations


Week 2- Reflex to name/Recall: We like to teach this through different fun games and introduce, charge up a clicker or marker word. A 'Touch' hand target cue and the 'Counting Game' and how we incorporate these games into recall. We also look at 'Stay' and teaching a send to 'Place' on a mat. 

Week 3
Husbandry: The 'Bucket Game' (Chirag Patel) is this weeks focus, where we use communication with your puppy or dog to be comfortable offering behaviours for husbandry like clipping nails, ear checks and muzzle training. We also begin teaching a 'Leave' cue for your puppy's safety on walks. Plus introduce a few useful cues such as 'Spin'.


Week 4- Real-Life Skills Week: Loose Lead Walking Focus- Teaching a dog to walk near you with a nice loose lead and that you are the source of good things, play and yummy treats.  Look at teaching a 'Stop' cue using a verbal and hand signal. We also use Week 4 to build upon previous behaviours and further skills.

Socialising your puppy to the world and creating positive associations to different environments and stimuli, is key for your puppy to confidently live in our human world. This is where we can help you and your puppy through change and development.

Suzy will be on hand for advice and offer continued email support during your dog's development. 

Contact us for further information.


Price £80.00 and lasts 1 Hour Weekly for 4 Weeks. This includes a training pack and info sheets to continue the games and training and print at home.

Please note that not all behaviours listed may be able to be covered in a remote or practical session. Puppies often need breaks in learning and rest which we have to be aware of for their well being.



A Remote 1-2-1 training session, we conduct via a Zoom meeting1.5 hour's 1-2-1 practical dog training working on a specific training issue.


We can help you with training recall, loose-lead walking as well as exercises such as settling on a mat and other basic training requirements. During the hour we work with you and your dog plus email a plan to continue training, as well as full support afterwards. 


Wolf and Whippet are also Scentwork Levels 1-4 instructors, trained by Scentwork UK where we offer scentwork as a part of training and more importantly enjoy as an enrichment activity. Nosework is a great activity using your dog's natural olfactory ability for scent, low impact and suitable for all dogs, from puppies to older pets. Fun, rewarding and great mental stimulation for your dog.

Wolf and Whippet are also Scentwork Levels 1-4 instructors, trained by Scentwork UK where we offer scentwork as a part of training and more importantly enjoy as an enrichment activity. Nosework is a great activity using your dog's natural olfactory ability for scent, low impact and suitable for all dogs, from puppies to older pets. Fun, rewarding and great mental stimulation for your dog.

Prices from £40.00 for 1.5 Hours 1-2-1 Training. This includes worksheets to continue games and training.



If you require some practical support, for example, an in-person 'loose lead workshop', we can offer this to our remote puppy package clients at a special rate. This way you can choose a few behaviours you would like some further help with in-person, which will follow on from your remote puppy training.

Prices from £40.00 for 1.5 Hour 1-2-1 Puppy Follow On Session. This includes info sheets and full support.



Before your Puppy or Rescue dog is picked up or adopted, we offer a 1-2-1 consult remotely to help you set up and prepare for your new family member. If you are considering getting a puppy or have just got a puppy we can give you all the advice and tips you need to give your puppy the best start. We will cover basic training skills. Likewise, if you are planning on adopting a new companion we can offer support and advise how to settle your dog into your home and answer your questions and concerns. 


We will talk through toilet training, teething, appropriate exercise and stimulation, as well as information on careful socialisation and information on key development stages of your puppy. The Wolf and Whippet follow guidelines from Puppy Culture.

Price £45.00 for 1.5 Hour 1-2-1 Puppy Consult. This includes emailed info sheets and full support.



A Remote 1-2-1 training consultation, we conduct via a Zoom meeting, looking closely at your companion to help with different behaviours, further training and offer support. During a training consultation, we look closely at the behaviour of your pet, to help with more complex training issues or for multiple behaviours that require a more structured approach and support. This includes a full training report and plan emailed to you within 2 weeks of assessment.


Our consultations last 2 hours, we take time during our initial meet to make sure information is gathered to help begin training and design the right training plan. We want to help you build strong communication and understanding through training. Reward-based training is the perfect way to also have fun together. We welcome all enquiries and available for advice. 


Dog guardians and canine companions require ongoing support and this training package offers this with a full consultation, training plan and follow-up session. This will ensure adjustments and additions can be made as we continue to work together. Often we cannot cover multiple in one, so breaking these down and working on foundations to build, is more effective and less overwhelming. 


We use kind, caring and science-based methods, looking at each dog's personality as an individual. Understanding behaviour, body language and simply getting to know your dog before building a training and management plan specifically for your dog. We will also be there to support you via email, phone and text and for training plan adjustments.


Contact us for further information.


Prices from £120.00 and consists of a 1 x 2 Hour Consult via Zoom, a full Training Plan and Support + 1 Additional Follow-Up Session (via Zoom). We email the training plan within 14 days after the consult as well as full support.