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We aim to tailor our facilities to you and your dog's needs, recognising that each dog is unique. Dog's recovering from injury, older dogs or dog's that perhaps find general walks stressful may need care for example if their dog guardian has an appointment or engagement. This is where we can help, utilising our training skills and develop a specific pet visit or package.


Therefore, we offer a limited range of specialised care for your pet. We are always happy to work around you and your dog's specific needs. As with all new clients and dogs, we ask to visit you and your pet's at home, to give all of us an opportunity to meet and discuss what is best for your pet. 

Special arrangements can be made upon request for dogs who need a carer to remain within the dogs home, or have specific behavioural/physical needs for an additional surcharge. Please contact us for details via the Contact page.


All of our interactions are friendly and gentle, we believe in reward-based training and will follow any specific requirements left by you in regards to the handling of your dog. We happily and lovingly research every breed that we work with, to better know your dog for individual understanding.



We offer bespoke and solo walks/training walks- (1-2-1 dog care, unless 2 dogs are carefully matched) Calm gentle walk focussed on enrichment or combination of walk and visit. Solo walks suit dogs that are perhaps anxious, are sensitive to triggers/stimuli or have ongoing health concerns. Likewise, Puppies require appropriate age-based exercise, activities and special care. We will tailor a special walk or care plan with you, easing your mind that your pet is cared for during work hours or at times you may need to leave your dog for an appointment for example.


During our time with your dog companion we will use scentwork, brain games, puzzles and training for enrichment that are also fun activities. Your dog's well being and working below their threshold, reducing stress is what our walks/visits will help.


From £20 per hour / subsequent dogs in household £5.00 extra (Price depending on service)



If you have a dog with different needs or your requirements vary from week to week, require specific visits or sitting services. Please ask us about our custom packages where we will do our best to tailor our facilities to match those requirements. Our philosophy is to help make your dog's life as happy as we can on enriching walks and in our care. We cater for all dispositions of dogs, so please don't hesitate to call us if your dog requires specific attention for walks, home visits behaviour understanding or training. We offer Pet Sitting in your home which suits many of our companions and a service we would want for our dogs.

Please ask us about our bespoke Wedding Package if this is a service you are looking for and send us a message via our Contact page for further info.


Prices on request. (Sitting starts from approx £30 for 4 Hours/ £40 up to 8 Hours per dog. £40-£60 per dog for overnight sit) Wedding Package Price on request.



For dogs who are on crate rest, limited exercise or who those requiring mixed exercise. Utilising dogs natural instincts by using scent based and trick training . We will bring a variety of specialised equipment such as snuffle mats, puzzles and toys. 

We understand due to health, injury and age some dogs can't be walked during your work hours or days out, so we offer planned visits to accommodate your pet. Some dogs may be crate resting to heal injury. We can help with crate resting dogs and those that require low impact or no activity by using Brain Games, Scentwork or low impact activities if appropriate.


With us, your dog's routine, needs and quiet calm time are fundamental to their care. 


Prices start at £15 per 30 mins / £20 per Hour



If your dog, due to stress, anxiety or fear for example finds an hours walk too much stimulation, adding to their stress we offer special pet visits. With the right stimulation with an emphasis on calm we can choose brain games to tire your dog mentally. Likewise using scentwork methods and activities which dogs enjoy and find rewarding in the safe atmosphere of their home. 

Both Suzy and Fran are Scentwork Trainers, trained in Levels 1-4 by Scentwork UK.


We will slowly work with your dog to create trust and develop a plan of activities tailored for your dog. Further information can also be found on our Training page


Prices start from £20 per hour. Subsequent dog from same household £5



For out of area clients we may have to charge for travel costs, typically an additional charge will be added of;

Prices start at £2.50 per service.

Out of Hours/Weekend/Bank Holiday Cover inccurs an additional charge depending on service.

Prices start at £2.50 - £10.00 per service/per dog.

We are fully insured with PetPlan Sanctuary to transport pets as well as additional personal cover direct from our car insurance company. We use dog seatbelts and soft crates to insure your pet is safe during transport.



At the Wolf and Whippet your privacy as well as your pets care is of utmost importance. We do not gather personal details or share with any other parties.


We offer a free meet and greet to discuss your pets needs for care services. On registering your pet with us we make notes of your requirements for high quality and loving pet care and how to contact you in the event of a problem. 


We do ask that you fill in a service or training agreement which simply outlines our terms for you. Providing you with the best services for each dog.


We are DBS checked and cleared to the full enhanced level, proof of certification available upon request and hold current Dog First Aid certificates.



We are fully insured with Protectivity Insurance which includes Professional Indemnity, Employers Liability and Public Liability cover. A copy of our insurance certificate can be seen or emailed to you. Likewise, our training certifications. Our vehicle used in dog transportation is also fully insured.


Should your pet become ill or injured we would immediately contact you. During our initial meet and registration we would collect your vets details as well as basic information and would take your dog to their registered veterinary surgery.


Both Fran and Suzy's dogs are registered at Animal House Vets in Chipping Sodbury. If you require a reference from our vets please ask, our vets are lovely and adore Okami!

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