DogfieldUK Puppy Classes Introduction and Information


DogfieldUK Dog Training offer a 6-week Puppy Club course, focusing on real-life skills and ongoing support hosted by two qualified reward-based dog trainers in the Chipping Sodbury-Yate-Bristol area.


Puppy Club focuses on real-life skills, what socialisation means to our dog, building foundations slowly, teaching reliable behaviours for the real world. From having your puppy or dog able to settle at home, in the car, a café or on holiday, to having your dog walking on a lovely loose lead are some of the key skills we will look at. Many behaviours such as these take time to build slowly, but with our support, achievable and fun to teach. Training is more than teaching cues and behaviours; it is great and fun way to create a positive partnership with your canine companion.


We invite puppies to join between the age of 10-20 weeks age at the start of a Puppy Club course, that have also had their puppy course first vaccination.

Dog Field UK Training are also introducing a Puppy Teen Club 6 week course in line with our Puppy Club, for older puppies that have missed initial puppy training. Or for those who have adopted an older puppy. Puppy Teen Club is limited to four puppies only, to support older puppies that are entering adolescent development. This course covers the same behaviours, but we are able to upskill and add to your own training through further support.  

Puppy Teen Club is suitable for puppies and adolescent puppies to join between the ages of 5-10 months at the start of the course.


Owner Support


Fully printed Puppy Club guide pack that contains information and steps to training exercises. 12-week access to a WhatsApp group, specific to your weekly Puppy Club class. This is where you can ask questions in relation to training, class exercises, sharing videos and your successes with each other.

Our Puppy Club 6-week breakdown:


Week One – Owners Only


This will take place at the booked venue of choice without your puppy. A chance to meet both Suzy and Jo, ask questions, discuss all things puppy, puppy behaviour and talk about those first days, weeks with your puppy. Plus, watch demonstrations and learn key foundations to behaviours we will cover over the following 5 weeks.


We will also discuss:

  • Health and Safety

  • House Keeping

  • What is socialisation and what does it mean to our dogs?

  • Dog Body Language and Understanding Stress Signals

  • Toilet Training

  • Crate/Confinement Training

  • Dog’s and Children

  • Puppy Biting

  • Dog Law

  • Appropriate Play, Greetings and Interaction with dogs and people

  • Using a clicker and marker word

  • Harness, Lead and Collar Desensitisation and Equipment


Week Two – Getting Puppy Skills Started

  • Teaching a Drop Cue

  • Jumping Up – Keeping Paws on the Floor

  • Food Manners

  • Settling and Capturing Calm


Week Three – Recall Week

  • Reflex to your puppy’s name

  • Charging the Recall Cue

  • Recall Games

  • Hand Target


Week Four – Cues to keep your puppy safe

  • Teaching a Stay/Wait

  • Door and Gate Safety for Dogs

  • Teaching a Leave

  • Loose Lead Foundations


Week Five - Husbandry and Cooperative Care Focus

  • Teaching a Stand for Vet Visits

  • Beginning Muzzle Training

  • The Bucket Game

  • Loose Lead Skills – Follow Me


Week Six – Building Our Puppy Skills

  • Practising Recall Skills by adding distraction

  • Loose Lead Walking – Using your foundation and follow me skills in practice around distraction outside.

  • Recap on Cues and Behaviours.


Puppy Club 6-week Course = £120.00

For Puppy Club/Classes/Training Bookings:


Coming soon...

Dog Upskills Course!

About Your Puppy Club Instructors


Jo is a fully certified dog trainer by The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, IMDT (https://www.imdt.uk.com) and also an accredited Hoopers Instructor with Canine Hoopers UK. Jo also volunteers & fosters for dog charities/rescues which is how Suzy and Jo met, before working together professionally. She also volunteered at Bristol Zoo in their Education Department whilst studying for her teaching degree. Jo owns and runs DogField UK which is based in Westerleigh where we have our very own outdoor training facility. There is also a five-acre enclosed field that can be rented privately if you wish to practice all the fabulous skills you learn in classes in a safe environment.


Suzy is a fully certified dog trainer by The Association of INTODogs (https://www.intodogs.org) and ICAN. Suzy is also an accredited Hoopers Instructor with Canine Hoopers UK and a ScentworkUK instructor, which she incorporates into her work with puppies and dogs. She is also passionate about animal rescue, consulting and advising for rescues as well as fostering and volunteering.


IMDT and INTODogs are under the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter. Please visit the charter website to see what assurances this symbol brings to dog owners and other canine professionals.



Puppy Club Venues


Grammar Rooms – Chipping Sodbury – Broad Street


The Grammar Rooms in Chipping Sodbury offers a lovely space for Puppy Club training in a warm hall environment and outside space for practicing all of our learnt puppy skills. We invite 2 people per puppy from the same household to join us. The limit is to accommodate everyone and puppies comfortably.


DogfieldUK Training Venue – Westerleigh – Windmill Fisheries


The DogfieldUK paddock training venue hosts Puppy Club training in an enclosed field surrounded by countryside and trees. The paddock offers a lovely safe space, with different environmental distractions to practice puppy skills around which we will work on over the 6-week puppy course.


Additional Support and 1-2-1 Training: £50.00/Hour


Jo and Suzy also offer 1-2-1 private dog training sessions at the DogfieldUK training facility or in your home. These are 1-hour sessions, concentrating on up to two behaviours within the session. Also included are relevant worksheets or a brief training plan that will be given at the session or emailed to you.


These sessions are for teaching new training skills such as recall, loose lead walking and upskills. The sessions are not for behaviour-based problems that anxiety, fear or stress related. These behaviours require vet referral and checks and further support.


Please email dogfielduktraining@gmail.com for questions, enquiries, and bookings.